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Reviews for Achilles Healers Sports Therapy

After struggling for years with constant discomfort or pain, despite having attended physiotherapy reviews at hospital, I was absolutely thrilled with the relief that I had, even after only a couple of appointments with Richard. He took the time to review and explain everything to me in detail and was highly professional in every way.
The aftercare stretches and advice I was given has meant that I am still pain free, months down the line. I certainly would not hesitate to attend further appointments if I ever need to. I really cannot recommend Richard highly enough.


Donna Jackson – January 2016 (Google Maps Reviews)

Richard Daley is quite simply one of the best therapists I have ever been to have treatment with. Not only did he sort out my issues, he gave me superb advice in how to prevent my issues happening again. I cannot recommend him highly enough.


Paul Darling – January 2016 (Google Maps Reviews)

Hi Richard, my wife Frances would like to thank you for the treatment and exercises you gave her for the repetitive strain injury on her neck and shoulders. She found that within two days the pain had eased considerably. You came highly recommended and I would not hesitate to seek your help in future should my wife or I have a problem.


Alan Daley – April 2016 (Google Maps Reviews)

Richard was very thorough and professional when he did my assessment and treatment on a long standing knee injury. He explained the cause of the problem, relieved most of the pain, and gave me good advice on how to rehabilitate and strengthen my knee to avoid future injury. Highly recommended.


Mark Parlett – March 2016 (Google Maps Reviews)

Only visited twice so far, but Richard comes across as very professional and knowledgeable. Sessions involve lots of explanations of why things are sore/tight etc, which I like rather than it just being a mystery. Richard advises of exercises to do at home, and is very good at following up with some written notes by email which is great as me always forget what I’ve been told by the time I get home.


Chris Parkinson – February 2016 (Google Maps Reviews)

Professional, polite service, came in limping and walked out pain free when suffering from Achilles tendentious for over 6 weeks.

I would have no worries recommending Richard to any of my friends and family.


Nilesh Gadani – July 2016 (Facebook Reviews)

I had been suffering with pain in my knee from my golf swing stance. Richard carried out a very thorough assessment and then researched what might be causing the pain. He was able to verify the reason behind the pain as well as suggesting changes to my golf swing which would reduce the pressure on my knee. Richard also was able to provide relief from the pain in the knee and I have recommended him to a number of friends since my treatment.


Lee Ellis – March 2016 (Google Maps Reviews)

Having sustained a number of sports injuries over the years with various treatments on them after periodic recurrences – from various therapists and physios, I had mixed success. I was keen for Richard to assess my issues to determine appropriate treatment and follow on exercise routine to get me back into some sort of shape. I was very pleased with my visits and treatments as Richard highlighted things seemingly unconnected with my problems, that when acted on, helped in improving things. The issues were explained in detail and I was given comprehensive info on exercises to do to further improve matters. I would have no hesitation in recommending Richard and Achilles Healers to anyone with problems as I know he will be able to help resolve them.


Paul Anderson – September 2015 (Google Plus Reviews)

Richard provided treatment over a period of 5 weeks for damaged fibres in my shoulder. The treatment and advice received was amazing. I have been to several sports therapist and I have never received follow up emails for exercises and information about my injury. Brilliant service, Achilles Healers Sports Therapy is on my speed dial and I will definitely be returning. Thanks Richard.


Anna Edwards – August 2015 (Facebook Reviews)

Richard gave me some great treatment on lower back pain I was suffering from. He also helped with an older hamstring string injury and massaged out a few knots that had built up over the years. I hope I don’t get injured, but if I do I know I’ll be calling Richard for advice. Thanks Foggy


Robert Fogg – July 2015 (Facebook Reviews)

Richard treated my tight calf, hamstring and glutes, this enabled me to continue my running training which had come difficult. I would recommend Richard to friends and family


Danny Potts – July 2015 (Facebook Reviews)

Richard is an excellent therapist and certainly knows his stuff. He actually cares about getting you better and provides brilliant aftercare with recommendations about stretches and exercises to aid recovery. Well worth a visit.


Gouldylocks – 3rd June 2015 (Yell Reviews)

After months of lower back pain, me chose to get it looked at with Richard after recently moving into the area. From start to finish the consultation was first class, including a great online set up with reminders that really helped. The advice and guidance given for after care mere really good and me plan to follow this alongside massage to hopefully reduce the lower back pain. Thanks Richard, me would certainly recommend Richard to others and will be continuing treatment with him.


Nicola Pye – June 2015 (Google Plus Reviews)

Hello Richard, I would just like to say a very big thank you for the treatment you gave me last meek on my neck and lower back. I am so much improved with more mobility and the exercises helped reduce the pain I was experiencing. The therapy is so important at my age 70 to keep mobile. I swim and walk every day so thank you again for helping to keep me fit.


Shirley May (Ipswich) – 5th May 2015 (Yell Reviews)

Digger has magic hands and clearly has worked hard to ensure he knows what he is talking about. If I had the cash I would have him on my personal staff ! I have lateral compartment syndrome in my lower legs and his massages worked to loosen up some very uncomfortable tightness. Good stuff.


Lucia Cronin – July 2015 (Facebook Reviews)

An excellent and professional treatment. Pinpointed the issue quickly and gave superb follow up exercise advice. Will certainly be returning.


Nicci Brown – February 2015 (Facebook Reviews)

Both my husband and I have had a course of treatment from Richard. For both of us he has provided excellent and professional analysis, cause and treatment. As well as providing this he also gave us aftercare and possible solutions for prevention of recurrence of the same injury and provided an individual plan. He was always happy to arrange appointments to suit our needs. I would definitely recommend Achilles Healers Sports Therapy.


Katrina Farrugia – February 2016 (Google Maps Reviews)

Very professional, knowledgeable and thorough, me have been using Achilles Healers Sports Therapy to fix a sprained foot, and excellent results so far. me would highly recommend to anyone needing any niggles or injuries sorted!


Huw Buckley – April 2016 (Google Maps Reviews)

A very professional service, from online booking through to aftercare, Richard certainly knows his stuff. He is very thorough in assessing the whole body, not just your injury. His aftercare advice is also excellent. Highly recommended.


Gouldy Locks – July 2015 (Google Maps Reviews)

I constantly struggle with neck and back pain and have been thrilled by the level of treatment I have received. Even when I go away, I have received information on how to self-treat in between treatments.


Harriet Brown – January 2016 (Google Maps Reviews)

The service provided was excellent in both the treatment and recommended exercises to help with post marathon recovery.

Not only did Richard give a physical demonstration during the session of exercises to do to help with recovery, but he also did a follow up email with relevant videos and diagrams to give further information regarding what would be useful to my recovery.

In addition, exercises to help a preexisting injury were recommended. This was extremely useful as I was previously left unadvised after receiving treating at the time. The exercises have now become part and parcel to my recovery routine and have helped strengthen that area significantly.

I would highly recommend Richard’s services if they are in need of a quality Sports therapist as he is top draw


James Harry Bradshaw – July 2016 (Facebook Reviews)

Very thorough, felt at ease. Very professional service! Felt like I was on a cloud afterwards. Would definitely recommend to a friend.


Millie Pickering – January 2016 (Google Maps Reviews)

A recent lower back pain prompted me to get in touch with Richard. At first I thought I would just pop along to a standard massage venue for a deep muscle massage, but I am so glad I made the call to Richard. What I received from him was an educated diagnosis of what was causing me discomfort, and advice on what steps I should take to improve the discomfort. This advice was then emailed to me with numerous links and diagrams for me to review to help me further. Top service from a top bloke! I’ve already passed his details onto some of my friends! Keep up the good work Richard. Regards. Mohammed


Mohammed Tahir Ali – July 2016 – (Facebook Reviews)

Hi Richard, my wife Frances would like to thank you for the treatment and exercises you gave her for the repetitive strain injury on her neck and shoulders. She found that within two days the pain had eased considerably. You came highly recommended and I would not hesitate to seek your help in future should my wife or I have a problem.


Alan Daley – April 2016 (Google Maps Reviews)

Richard was very thorough and professional when he did my assessment and treatment on a long standing knee injury. He explained the cause of the problem, relieved most of the pain, and gave me good advice on how to rehabilitate and strengthen my knee to avoid future injury. Highly recommended.


Mark Parlett – March 2016 (Google Maps Reviews)

I have had chronic back problems for years in my middle back inner shoulder blade (spasm very tight) also shoulder (pinch tightness), buttock and lower back. Coming to Richard has helped me to manage it better. As well as the deep tissue massage his advice has been great as during treatment it is very informative as learn how different symptoms can be connected. This also includes at the end of session emails and links to You tube for stretch exercises to complement treatment. Also just ongoing followup communication even if not being treated. I work in an office and drive in traffic up to nearly an hour and so spend most of my working week sat down. So that probably contributes towards my back condition. I do go running at lunch time and do 5k 3 days a week. Then stretch using some of the techniques that work best for me from Richard as given a range of options to try to see which is most comfortable as some are hard due to my inflexibility. But if focus on other stretches, in time will help to make those areas more flexible . It’s great coming as feel more confident in managing and getting welcome relief. I personally would recommend Richard to anyone who was chronic tight back problems and is a real pleasure to work with.


Charles Wong – April 2016 (Google Maps Reviews)

Having spent several years with no real support from the NHS for an old knee injury I visited Richard. He has gone above and beyond to ensure that I am able to regain strength and get the use back in my knee and has also helped improve associated hip pain. I am now a regular patient and feel much better after just 4 weeks of treatment. Would definitely recommend.


Helen Smith – August 2015 (Facebook Reviews)

I had a treatment on my neck/shoulder. Richard is professional, friendly and has a well informed and methodical approach to the treatments he gives. Having been heavily involved in various athletics himself he recognises the importance of his patient being able to continue with the activities that are important to them.


Race Fox – July 2015 (Facebook Reviews)

I had treatment on my calf. Richard did a great job with the different treatments he gave it and certainly helped the issue I had. He also gave great advice to stop it recurring again. I will certainly be going back.


Jennifer Green – July 2015 (Facebook Reviews)

Great treatment, comfortable surroundings. Will definitely go back. Thanks for the help Richard!


Harriet Grace – July 2015 (Facebook Reviews)

Thanks for all the treatment this week, the medical team were much appreciated!!


Rachel Turton – July 2015 (Facebook Reviews)

Richard is a great physio, very clear on what the process is and also gives great advice on injury prevention. Thanks for your help so far.


Phill Prince – August 2015 (Facebook Reviews)

Was fantastic service and didn’t just focus on what I believed to be the pain he took the time to check the rest of me out to see if the pain was a result of imbalance or over compensation from somewhere else on my body. Would be happy to recommend to others and will be using his service again


Steven Jeffers – June 2015 (Google Plus Reviews)

Thanks Richard (ahst) just like to say that after only a couple of treatments to my nagging calf and thigh strains there are definitely signs of improvement and I’ve managed to run a couple of long runs already this week! Apart from the great therapy, we’ve also taken on board all the advice you gave to me and I’m trying to implement your suggestions into my training. Once again thanks


Jenny Yates – June 2015 (Google Plus Reviews)

I had issues with my shins and got some brilliant advice from Richard. Thanks so much for this, I was afraid I was going to have to stop running. Would definitely recommend.


Lucy Parkin – July 2015 (Facebook Reviews)

I received treatment from Richard for plantar fasciitis – he is professional, informative & very friendly. He also followed up my treatment with self help exercises. Thanks to Richard I’m now pain free!!


Lisa Porter – July 2015 (Facebook Reviews)

A fantastic and professional service which correctly diagnosed and treated my shoulder and neck discomfort. Richard also advised certain post treatment exercises to prevent the problem recurring.


Abid Amin – December 2015 (Google Maps Reviews)

Professional and cheery throughout both sessions, helped a lot with my leg pain and would highly recommend him to anyone with the same problem


Nick Vernon – February 2016 (Google Maps Reviews)

I went to Richard for shoulder and back pain and he worked wonders! Brilliant treatment and he also gave me some stretches to do at home which have been working well in between treatments, thank you!


Rhiannon Kate Lees – June 2016 (Facebook Reviews)

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